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New York-based singer/songwriter Ayelle had a busy 2019 releasing 15 tracks. Once we came across “Mind & Body” that got us listening to more and more of her music not believing it took us this long to come across her music. “Okay” and “Unpredictable” are some of the other many highlights of tracks the Swedish artist has released in 2019. She’ll definitely be on our radar in 2020. Check out what Ayelle had to say about her music and what’s next in our interview below.

An interview with Ayelle

How did ``Mind & Body`` come together?

I made “Mind and Body” with Maths Time Joy who I’ve worked with quite a lot and it’s always a very natural process with him. He’s excellent at finding interesting sounds that speak to me and so the song emerges quite effortlessly. That is the way I prefer to work in, where the song emerges without me having to think too hard about it, I get out of my own way and it feels more authentic to me that way.

What do you want fans to take from your music and who you are as an artist?

I’d like for people to be able to recognise themselves in the songs and apply it to their own journey in whatever way feels true to them. Music can be interpreted in so many ways and might mean different things to different people but what’s important to me is that it connects to something authentic within the listener and helps them explore parts of themselves with honesty and vulnerability.

Of the songs you created in 2019 which do you connect with the most?

Every song is deeply personal to me and so it is difficult for me to pick favourites, as they represent different aspects of my life which were important for me to express at the time. Some resonate more than others of course, I think writing “Psychopaths” took me quite by surprise when I wrote it and therefore went a little bit deeper into feelings I hadn’t explored which is always interesting to me.

What can fans expect from you in 2020?

I’m working on a more cohesive project for 2020 which I think will be more honest than anything I’ve released before but that’s all I’ll say for now 🙂

What new songs from other artists are you loving right now?

I’ve been listening a lot to more hispanic influenced music lately, like “Solita” by Kali Uchis, “Frio” by Omar Apollo and “Picaflor” by Lao Ra. There are so many exciting blends happening and having grown up partly in Spain, Valencia it’s also a field I’d like to explore more.

What artist or producer would you most love to collaborate with in 2020?

This is a hard one cause I’m learning that regardless of how well you think you’d fit with someone in the studio it all comes down to chemistry and sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. Every collaborator brings out something different in the other and that is what makes it interesting, but there’s honestly never really a way of knowing before you get in the studio. I just wanna remain open minded and allow myself to be inspired and surprised by the people I work with without projecting too many expectations.

What does music mean to you?

Music and songwriting started out as a coping mechanism to deal with my feelings, which is still accurate but it has also developed into more of a method of exploring and finding out more about who I am and why I am. It helps me to be honest with myself and what I feel, and to feel everything so intensely that I am able to then let it go.


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