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EXCLUSIVE: The Bliss Release Highly-Addictive Debut Single ”Got The Love”

Last August we were introduced to singer/songwriter TYSM and producer Felix Snow through their collaborative single “Boomerang.” The two along with Teflon Sega created one of our favorite songs of 2018 and a perfect song for the summer time.

We’re excited to hear that TYSM and Felix have now joined forces to make up The Bliss and released their debut single “Got The Love” today via EFFESS/Atlantic Records. Much like with “Boomerang” the duo show they have great chemistry as the mix of melodies and production using a wide range of genres create an addictive and fun-loving vibe. Let’s hope brands like Target and H&M are on alert because this song is perfect for a major placement on TV.

A debut as catchy as this in under 3 minutes is about as strategic as it gets cause we can’t wait to hear more from them. Be sure to stream “Got The Love” on our NEXT In Music playlist available on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud!

We had a chance to catch up with the duo in the premiere of our new feature NXTSTYLE Discovers!

Edited by Andy Nguyen

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Written By: S.C.