PREMIERE: Love, Alexa Releases The Energetic, Emotionally-Filled Single “#107 Feel Something”

Love, Alexa caught our attention last year for her standout performance as a vocalist and songwriter on producer MyBuddyMike’s single “So Into You.” Fast forward to today as the singer/songwriter released her brand new single via AIA called “#107 Feel Something”, a title that’s so fitting to her artistry. She’s one of those artists that brings a lot passion and energy to her art and you can see it through on her latest. When an artist is connected to their lyrics their music takes on a whole new meaning and purpose affecting listeners on a greater new level and there’s no denying Love, Alexa’s has that gift. We caught up with Love, Alexa to get the scoop on “107 Feel Something” and more!

What inspired “#107 Feel Something”?

I’ve always been a very honest & descriptive writer, putting everything out there. This song is about doing crazy shit in order to feel something, anything to get out of the limbo I was floating in. I had been working with Jonah Wei-Haas for a while on my live shows & YouTube covers (he’s a crazy good jazz pianist). This was our first writing session together & it came together so flawlessly. He started playing the chords and the words “I took something at a music festival I thought it would make me feel” fell out of my mouth. I knew right away it’d turn into something special.

What do you hope others get from your music?

I’ve always wanted to connect with people through my music. Being vulnerable is really hard but it’s the only way I get my own sense of clarity. The only way I feel truly whole is through singing and writing songs. I can only wish my music could have the same impact on others as it has for me. I use my voice & words to comfort troubled souls, including my own.

this is my song “#87 green tea” live at hotel cafe w @jweihaas on the keys, naturally ⭐️

— Love, Alexa (@alexalusader) October 2, 2018

We love your love notes on Instagram! It’s something really unique and fits right into your artistry. How did that all come about?

I started the love notes as an alternative way to let out how i was feeling. I felt like handwritten notes were a lost art. After writing a bunch of them, my songs started to inspire songs so I decided to connect the two together. Create a world of love & acceptance, which I think most people could use nowadays.. haha

Each song title is prefaced by a number which corresponds to the real life love note that inspired each track.



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What’s next for you in 2019?

I have a show at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood on January 30th at 8pm and another one at the Love Song Bar in Downtown LA February 26th at 8pm!

This is my first single of the year, I’ll be releasing a single a month and sprinkling collaborations in between, so excited to get all this music out!

Listen to “#107 Feel Something” on our ‘NEXT In Music playlist’ available on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud!

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