NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: TyC

TyC has been a producer on our radar all the way back to 2017 with the release of his collaborative Taylor Swift remake with Joselyn Rivera. In the past year he’s released 11 singles including several standouts with Alternative artist SKINNS. Take a look as we had a chance to talk with TyC about his impressive year.


An interview with TyC


So i originally wrote that hook back in L.A but met Skinns out in Cleveland and knew he would be the perfect fit. He had some super inspiring music out that was in the same vein so it came super naturally for him. I originally made the beat for a rapper which is why I had to hit up Bankie (Josh White) who came in and freestyled that 2nd verse which to this day still blows my mind.

“I Won’t Watch You Cry”

“I Won’t Watch You Cry” started as a little half-written piano ballad I sent to Ethan who’s in school at the University of Arkansas. He does all his own recording from his spot on campus and I was blown away by what he sent back that day. The dude works hard as hell on his craft and it shows as he’s only 19, working 20 hours a week and putting out all his music by himself. After he sent me those verses I knew I had to build it up and in less than a week we had it and uploaded it!

Oh wow I didn’t even know it was eleven! Each single really has been kind of unique in that they are with different artists and in different genres so this is super hard for me! One amazing development has been coming back home and working with my longtime friend, Skuff Micksun. I was getting tired of the traditional mainstream concepts and it’s been so refreshing creating hundreds of new sounds and ideas that are a little more outside the box for artists outside the label umbrella.

Hmmm…I think I just want to create genre-bending music with song concepts that actually mean something. Nowadays music is over-marketed to niche audiences and it’s kinda killing the sound, culture, and meaning. Like any independent musician nowadays I think I just want to make music that helps bring the live elements back; the raw emotion and dynamic space that our favorite bands had.

2020 is going to be crazyyy! Ethan and I are definitely building up a few songs right now and Skuff and I are dropping a wild one on January 24th called Psychic Vampires. Skuff got 3 amazing dancers to choreograph a dance for the video and I can’t wait for that. I’ve also been working with an up and coming rapper, Dusa Alpacino, who is about have a huge 2020 as well as Curly Chuck and Bankie who I’ve been building with. Basically in 2020 I’m going to try and keep my head above water lol I mix and master everything I do so its easy to get a little backed up but you can definitely expect the once a month drop or maybe even 2.

I love Banks’s album and just got off a Kasey Musgrave bender but I still listen to a lot of old folk/rock/metal bands that I grew up on. Sometimes I read the concepts on the New Music Friday playlists if I need a good laugh that morning though.

I didn’t even know so many producers collaborated until this year, I’m super late and have to start thinking about that! Next year when I move to LA and am surrounded by people who only have this question on their mind, I’ll have a way better answer! Right now I just want to connect in the most authentic ways possible to stay in this creative space.

My dad had thousands of cd’s and a thousand albums so I grew up playing guitar and writing songs but I got really crazy about jazz/classical when I was 13. He passed away a few years later but having raised me on a heavy dose of Rap and Hard Rock music, the entire range of the music spectrum took over my life until I went to Berklee and later switched to Classical composition. Music has kept me alive and it’s really the only way I know how to make sense of my life here on earth. 

So once a year I usually sing a song, more folk based, about something I’m going through and last year I released “Selfish” for my Dad and a month ago I released “I Never Learned” for my girlfriend.

A verse in “Selfish” goes like, “I can still hear your voice when you said my name, I still call your phone hoping that’ll ring. Theres so many things that I never said and I guess that I’ll never know, Why you took a man with so much soul away from everyone he knows. And Never Learned starts like, “I’m trying to find a way to sorry I’m sorry, I can’t help myself. I hate who I became, I’ll learn the hard way, I couldn’t help myself. But I will change for you, I’ve never learned how to love somebody but I’ll learn how to love you.”

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