NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: THE HAUNT

The Haunt have been on our radar since 2017 with their release of “Dirty” and in 2019 the brother and sister duo turned heads with a MAJOR bop “Cigarettes & Feelings”. Take a look as Anastasia and Max talk about the creation of the single, detail their plans for 2020 and more!


An interview with The Haunt

We flew out to LA to record “Cigarettes & Feelings” with producer/song writer Christian Medice, who’s know for working with acts such as LovelyTheBand, and Halsey. It’s by far the “happiest” song we’ve ever made, and it’s definitely a departure from the music that we normally strive to make, but it ended up being one of our favorites.

I think our goal with music has always been to create a place where people feel safe and heard. We want people to be able to put whatever garbage is going on in their personally lives, or whatever negativity is going on in the world on hold and come to our shows, or listen to our record, and really enjoy themselves.

We have another EP recorded and ready to be released at some point in 2020. There will be music videos, tours, and more. It’s gonna be a big year for The Haunt, so be on the lookout. 😉

Anastasia’s been listening to a lot of Beabadoobee, specially “She Plays Bass.” We love how it’s pop rock, but it has a really 90s feel. Max has been loving “People” by The 1975, it’s a huge departure from their normal sound, and having a pop-rock group playing semi-screamo, heavy rock, is fucking awesome. A power move lol.

Anastasia would love to collaborate with Remington Leith of Palaye Royale. She learned so much from being on tour with him, he has really become one of her biggest inspirations.

Music has always been our escape. For Anastasia more than any of us, it was a way for her to escape the bullying she faced through middle school. Since then it’s turned into an outlet for everything in our lives, the good and the bad.

“Some things take insane bravery
But after that
You’ll be free”
 ~M.M. Weij

I learned that good things take time. That if you want something done right, slow down and do it right. It’ll pay off in the end every single time.

“You need something to open up a new door
To show you something you seen before
But overlooked a hundred times or more”
 ~Bob Dylan

“Why don’t you speak it out loud instead of living in your head.” – The 1975

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