NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: The 5:55

D.C.-based The 5:55 caught our attention late in 2019 with their catchy Rock single “Truth”. We had a chance to talk to talk to the band their latest single, the creation of their EP Marquee and much more. Check it out!


An interview with The 5:55

“Truth” started out as an experiment. Austin Bello (producer) and I decided to write from scratch that day in the studio. We both agreed we wanted to try weird sounds for shits and giggles but after a coupe hours of messing around a song actually started to form. The concept came after writing the lyrics for the chorus and realizing that I could alternate the words “back out” and “blackout”. We wanted to try and keep the song as simple as possible instrumentally and let the ambient sounds help make the song sound big. There are definitely some EDM influences when it came to writing “Truth”.

It’s a curse unfortunately. You see it once and then you can never unsee it. Great way to encourage us to drink though!

Our EP started after working with Austin on the first song we did with him called “Marquee”. We really liked how that song came out and wanted to do a couple more with him. So he agreed to record a 5-song EP with us. The main concept of the EP was to try and make the 5 songs as different as possible from one another. We all enjoy listening to different types of music so we thought it was a fair challenge and would help us grow as songwriters. It helped a lot that Austin is an amazing producer!

The main thing we want is to hopefully encourage someone to start playing an instrument! But besides that, we want them to take away that we’re growing and learning as much as we can as we go along. Love them to be a part of this weird and crazy journey with us!

There are so many! The new Dreamers, Barns Courtney and White Reaper albums are badass. The new Gryffin album is super cool too. Haha not sure if we have any guilty pleasures just depends what mood we’re in. We love listening to pop music, country, folk, punk, hip hop, edm, etc…

It still blows my mind how this band started and actually decided that we wanted to take it seriously. It was all from one show haha We grew up playing together and were lucky enough to live close to each other during college even though we went to different schools. A friend asked if we could play her sorority friend’s birthday party at the beginning of the first semester that year and we said yes. We were going to play for a couple of hours but only played 27 minutes cuz the cops came and shut us down. I’m not sure if we were super loud or if there were a ton of people there but we ended up booking the whole school year because of that one show haha we haven’t stopped playing college shows since!

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