‘NEXT In Music’ Playlist Update – 02/07/20

Announcing our latest adds to the ‘NEXT In Music’ playlist featuring Maritza Merk, Gina Livia, Griff, Cassidy King, Selin, and more!

Listen to these selections and much more on the ‘NEXT In Music’ playlist available on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud! Be sure to join the conversation on Instagram and Twitter!

For in-depth coverage on music in 2020 check out our brand new feature ‘The NEXT 100: 2020 New Music Guide’ featuring 100 artists you should have on your radar in 2020 with insight from music industry professionals and tastemakers! Maritza Merk “Nothing I Need” Gina Livia “in my head” Lenii “Regular 10” Lucas Estrada & Kyan Palmer “Mostly Mine” Max Leone “First Grade” Fox Sinclair “Upgrade” Taiyel “Enemi Say” SAINT PHNX “Violence and Spiders” Jaguar Jonze “Rabbit Hole” Griff “Good Stuff” Taylor Grey “COMPLIC8ED” ROE “Look Who’s on TV.” Bryar “Just Me” Laur Elle “B.E.S.T.” Cassidy King “Polaroid” KALLITECHNIS ft. Carneyval “UNTOUCHABLE”
Selin “Heart in Two” thanks. “Busy”



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