NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: WENS

To say that WENS’ music is captivating is an understatement. The singer/songwriter caught our attention in 2018 with her breathtaking single “Take” and took it to another level with recent singles “Cinderella” and “Rich & Famous”. We’re thrilled to hear that more music is on the way in 2020. Take a look at WENS details her plans for 2020 and much more!


An interview with WENS


This idea started from the guitar lick. It reminded me of a fairytale and I liked the idea of flipping one on its head.

“Rich & Famous”

The song snowballed from the lyric “wanna build a city out of tin foil” and the whole idea played out in my head. It’s about growing up in La and all the self doubt that comes along with being immersed in the “city of stars”.

I want fans to take it and make it their own experience. I also want them to hear my music and feel less alone and know that it’s okay to be emotional.

I have a new EP coming out early 2020 and I want to tour it in the spring. Definitely some more videos and merch. A lot of new exciting things in the works!


I’m really into Dominic Fike. I also love “Hypersonic Missiles” by Sam Fender his voice kills me. Harry Styles album has definitely been on loop. I also think BENEE is cool.

I’d say for influence I usually go back and listen to older stuff. Radiohead, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, The Cure, Kanye West, also my queens Lana Del Rey and SZA. My guilty pleasure would be Ariana Grande.

Dominic Fike or SZA. I’d probably die if I was in the studio with SZA to be honest. I’d just burst into flames and then melt into a puddle. As far as producers go I would love to work with Jack Antonoff and Jeff Bhasker. I’m a huge fan of both their work.

As a little baby I was in the car a lot with my mom while she drove my sisters to sports games and practice. According to my mom I’d start crying if the music shut off but was always perfectly content when it was playing. My mom played all kinds of music from funk to R&B to folk to pop to disco to rock. I’d say that was my first exposure to it. Music to me is family, discovery, emotion. Writing music came to me at a time when I just needed to be able to vent. I never really liked talking about myself so writing songs became a therapeutic release.

That’s hard there’s so many!! All of my favorite lyrics of mine are from unreleased songs so I don’t want to spoil them. But I really loved when Beyoncé said “I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker” I just find that line to be smart but also playful.

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