NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: TAELA

St. Louis-based singer/songwriter TAELA entered 2019 with her debut single “Bang” followed by the melodic upbeat “Dance Drink Repeat”. We talked to the artist to get an inside look into her music and much more. Take a look!


An interview with TAELA


I came into my write (producer Dan Muckala and co-writer Bre Kennedy) with the desire to write about doing whatever you can to get your mind off of someone/something. I recently went through a bad break-up and found myself partying all the time with strangers to forget what I was going through, but feeling extremely uncomfortable and sad at the same while doing so. It was really exciting to take all of those feelings and turn them into a party anthem.


I want to be a safe haven. I want anybody to be able to listen to my music and escape what they’re going through. I want them to feel like they know me and that I’m a friend, not a music artist.

All the things. New music, tour. Lots of other exciting stuff I can’t share yet….look out for it!

Right now I’m addicted to a song called “You & Jennifer” by bülow. Currently have the ‘Ghetto Lenny’s Love Songs’ record by SAINt JHN on repeat, too. So good.

Honestly, I’m so pumped to just get to know everybody and work with whoever fits the vibe. Charli XCX would be a dream, though. Ricky Reed. Yeah.

I grew up with crippling mental illnesses and bullies and stayed locked up in my home. I was homeschooled because of this and music was my escape. I would get my homework done first thing in the morning and write music for the rest of the day, every day. It’s literally the reason I’m here. I’m so connected to everything that makes music music. It’s my passion and purpose to reach people deeply through the art of it and to be the cause of a huge fucking revolution. It’s going to happen.


“Bad love hurts but somehow good love hurts me worse, ‘cause lately I’m mistaking honey for the bees” – “Water” – Bishop Briggs

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