NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Shaker

New York-based artist Shaker delivered several R&B slow jams in 2019 including “Hold You Down” and “You”. The artist just resurfaced with a new EP ‘Leave’ to start off 2020 with plans for much more. Hear more from Shaker below!


An interview with Shaker

“Hold You Down”

So my creative process is actually really really intuitive, and this song is a good demonstration of how intuitive it really is. Basically I booked my studio session 2 days prior to recording this song, but I didn’t have a beat for the session, let alone a song. I went to my friends house a day before the session, with a feeling that something would miraculously show up and I’d be fine for the session. As soon as I walked into my friends house, there he was sitting there making a beat for me. we chopped it up, finished the beat and by midnight that day I has the song done. It was soooo going with the flow that it just proved to me how all my best songs come from being in the moment.


“You” was also crazy because I wrote that song in the car on my way to the studio, while I was driving. I had always wanted to make a synthwave song, and so jonny woods made the perfect beat for me but I was so caught up that I forgot I had studio that day and when I remembered it was too late so I got in the car and drove there and on my way decided I could finish the song if I try. Everything just flowed to me and it was so magical lol.

Honestly I can’t pin point a song, because the music always comes from day to day experience. Everything I created stemmed from an emotional experience I was feeling at the time and that’s usually how it’s been ever since I started making music. One song that really transformed my career tho was “Nowhere”, and ironically the story for that song is really dope too but i’ll save that for next time.

I want fans to be able to feel something when they listen to my music. My moods are very inconsistent, and I feel like I experience so many different emotions on a day to day bases, and so I try to portray that in my music. I try to show people that 1) they can experience what i’m experiencing when they listen to my music, and together we can relate on a common emotion, and 2) that I’m a diverse artist, and am able to connect to all types of people on all different levels of experience (as deep and cringy as that sounds) to dumb it down, what I meant was I basically have a song for every mood.

2020 is gonna be a really big year for me, because I’m finally comfortable with understating how the music industry works, and what my fans like and don’t like. I have a creative and business strategy for 2020, based off of success and failures with precious releases, so it’s literally gonna be perfect for my fans. I’m starting the year off right with a small EP!!

(NXTSTYLE UPDATE…it’s here!)


I’m definitely excited for Bieber’s new album. super curious.

Music is my life but more so it’s the way I communicate how I feel to the world and also how I can relate to the world, and how the world could in return relate to me. Music is a universal language, and so it’s a privilege being able to communicate with so many different people in so many different cultures.

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