NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Rhea Robertson

Australian singer/songwriter Rhea Robertson had a busy 2019 releasing five tracks each touching different genres yet the one constant is Rhea’s captivating vocals. “Save Yourself” with collaborator Luke Wylde stands as one of our favorites of 2019 though we highly recommend “Take It Slow” and “Room Full of Nothing” as well. Read on as Rhea talks about the creation of some of our favorite songs of her and much more!


An interview with Rhea Robertson


“Save Yourself” came together through amazing collaboration. Based on experiences Luke Wylde and I had shared when battling our mental demons. For myself it explained the thought process when you’re down and out, when you stop pretending you’re ok, when you allow yourself to feel exactly how you’re feeling because its the only way to truly save yourself. I know for Luke his experience with battling addiction and anxiety helped us create to the song in a really powerful way. Realising that for us both, our moments of despair and darkness was when we realized we were right where we needed to be. Finding ways to be at ease with your flaws, even use them to your advantage, because that are a part of what makes you, you.

In 2018 I had a big car crash which left me with nerve damage in my Left shoulder. This affected the way I did everything, including writing music as I couldn’t play guitar with fingers that would turn numb after 2 minutes! At the time I was working mainly solo with a lot of gigs, so not being able to play and create the way I was used to, was really hurting my soul. I struggled to do anything that brought me joy as I had limited use of my arm/hand and it really brought me to a dark place. I felt withdrawn and useless. This was the concept behind the mini EP and how that experience felt for me. The positive side (I am a very sunshiny person mostly, so I always try to find the positive haha), is that not being able to play or write solo anymore, put me in the position to seek ways to collaborate. This led me to working with Luke who has played a major role in helping me share my stories through song!

My approach was to share my heart in the most authentic way I could. I am such a multi-faceted human and I really try to embrace all parts of myself. I feel the same way with music! My personal music taste is very broad and the fulfillment I feel sharing my sound is based on how I felt in the moment wrote the song. I really let my creativity take the reigns, so sonically I’ve never bound myself to genre or process. My experiences on this planet have been so diverse, so it definitely changes the sound with every song!


I once heard someone say “the truth that is truth for you is truth enough” and from that I always want my music to be honest. For me it’s all about connection, the more we can find common ground with others the more empathy and capacity for compassion we can hold. When I write from my experiences or observations, my intention is always to resonate with someone. We have so many emotions, as an artist I know it is my responisibilty to perhaps make those emotions easier to navigate. We listen to music when we are sad, happy, in love, broken…we listen to music because it helps us feel connected and understood! If my song can make someone feel, then I am living my purpose.

I have so many songs I want to share with you all….So expect lots of new music!


I’m loving the homegrown Aussie girls that are killing the music scene at the moment! Women like Jaguar JonzeDVNAGFlipTones and I. These girls are such powerhouses and their journeys, stories and creations really inspire me.

haha ok big dream but I would love to collaborate with John Mayer because…John Mayer.

Music has guided every pivotal moment of my life. It is connected to my best and worst moments and being able to create it is so necessary for my wellbeing.


In my own song probably “I wish you were dead so I didn’t have to hate you and I could just miss you instead”. That line was a massive turning point for me in healing from heartbreak years ago.

In someone else’s song it will forever be “The greatest thing we’ll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return” from “Nature Boy” the Nat King Cole version. I heard this as a little girl and never forgot it…I truly believe it helped shape my values!

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