NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Madi Wolf


21-year-old singer, songwriter, and musician Madi Wolf has been on our radar ever since the release of Smooth Blaq’s single “California”. She ended 2019 with the impressive R&B/Soul single “Don’t Think About It”. From our interview below it looks like it’s going to be a busy year for Madi Wolf and we’re all about it!


An interview with Madi Wolf


“I was with my writing family and we were sitting in the studio and we always get really deep and meaningful with our lyrics and really in our headspace about it but this time we’re like let’s not overthink it let’s just write a song about what we feel in the moment and that’s exactly what we did so the song is about being in a lusty love relationship and not thinking about the consequences and just going with the flow. *don’t-think-about-it*”

“As an artist it’s really important for my fans to know that I am involved in every aspect of my career. I love to be involved and I think it’s really important for artists to be involved. I’m a multi-instrumentalist. I started out on guitar, so guitar and live instruments are very important to me when I’m making new songs and I’m on authentic and I want that to be something that I always keep.”

“In 2020 I’m opening my vault and then taking everything out of the vault and dropping an arsenal of content and music just content consistently.”

Right now on my constant rotation I have 6LACK “Pretty Little Fears”“Stan” is probably one of my favorite all-time songs.

Kacey Musgraves “Glittery” with Troy Sivan.

“Everything I Wanted” by Billie Eilish.

“BEST ON EARTH” with Russ & BIA for when I’m in the mood and want to go out with the girls.

I’d really love to collab with Travis Scott, Lana Del Rey, have Kanye produce a record, who wouldn’t want Max Martin,
SZA, Post Malone, yeah that’s good I’ll start there. 🙂

Music is earth, wind, water, and fire. It’s all the zodiac signs combined into one. It’s my sleep, it’s my oxygen, it’s my sanity, my escape, my passion, everything. I love it so much.

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