NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Lyrah

San Fransisco-based singer/songwriter Lyrah caught our attention with her single “Down Low” including the Penguin Prison remix and stripped version. She’s readying much more in 2020 with new releases and we can’t wait! Check out our interview with Lyrah below to find out more.


An interview with Lyrah


I’ve been a fan of Penguin Prison for years! When I was thinking about remixes, Penguin Prison came to mind for “Down Low”. I just reached out to him and was thrilled he wanted to remix it. And I love this fun, dancier direction he created for it.

I just want to make music that people can have moments to. I think about the most influential songs in my life and the specific memories attached to them, and I want to help create those moments for other people. I wanna be the music to your internal monologue.

Ooooo! So so excited for everything that’s coming out in 2020. I spent a lot of time writing over the last year and now I’ve picked out a hand full of songs to release from that and it’s living in a sound that I’ve been trying to reach for years. I’ve finally cracked the beginning of it.

I’m also putting out my first music video for the next release. Currently working on finishing that up and it’s been a really cool experience that let me collaborate with a bunch of friends on this.

“Cinderella” by WENS
I’ve been loving her songs. I first got hooked with “Call” (worth checking out too). “Cinderella” is a recent song she put out and I’m often humming it throughout the day.

“Temporary (Manu Dia Remix)” by Ella Vos
I’ve gotta mention this song, because it deserves so much more attention. I loved the original version of this Ella Vos song, and this remix kinda blew my mind. It then led me to his other stuff like “Kids in America” and I really dig the sound he’s carving out for himself.

“Napster” by Jean Dawson
This song also needs so much more attention. I think Jean Dawson is a low key genius. His album ‘Bad Sports’ is all worth listening to. This specific song pulls on some unique heart strings. When I listen to it, I feel like a kid who’s trying to hold onto their youth even as the world breaks your heart.

To be honest, I haven’t thought much about collaborations lately since I’ve been so focused on getting all the future releases ready, but two artists that immediately come to mind are Kllo and Golden Vessel. Both of these artists have inspired me a lot this past year, especially in terms of writing. They each have unique sounds, but their writing both feels so naturally expressive and intimate.

It’s my outlet and my recharge. Nothing makes me feel better than writing/producing something that captures a feeling I couldn’t have expressed any other way.

My favorite part of making music is dancing in my room to the things I make and wanting to listen to nothing else. It’s the most alive I get. And it’s kind of like an exorcism in the best way.

The first lyrics to come to mind are in the pre-chorus of “When We’re High”. I love the playful, whimsical world it builds in my mind.

“I’m calling off the party
Found a better night
We pregame when it’s just us
So we can stay inside
We hotbox in your closet
Clothes become our throne
Ashes cover us like gold”

Also I had to explain to my mom what hotboxing was because of this part 😂

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