NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Laurel Smith

UK singer/songwriter Laurel Smith caught out attention with her pulsating single “Psycho” included on her new EP ‘Mortals’. We had a chance to talk to the 17-year-old artist about her music and much more. Check out a preview of our video coverage of Laurel Smith below!


An interview with Laurel Smith


“I wrote “Psycho” at a time when I was just really fucked off with boys and had a few bad experiences where a relationship hadn’t gone too well. I’d been called things like over-emotional, insensitive, and crazy. I think it’s really common in relationship for a women to be called crazy or gaslighted. “Psycho” is really about reclaiming that word and basically say FU. If you’re going to call me a psycho then that’s what I’ll be in every way, shape, and form.”

“‘Mortals’ is a collection of songs that I wrote at completely different times without the intention of them becoming an EP. I think the story in narrative works so well because in a way it’s my story even though I’m playing characters the emotions come from a real place”

“I want my fans to listen to my songs and be like ‘yeah me too that is how I feel as well.’ I want them to cry at some songs, want them to rage with other songs, and yeah I think as an artist I’m young I’m experimenting with a lot of sounds and I think people like that versatility as I’m not just reproducing the same song over and over.”

“In 2020 I’m just gonna see why things go. You can expect some collaborations some singles yeah more weird dumb you can follow me on Instagram keep up with my day-to-day stuff.”

“I think the world would be a very dull place without music. I think it’s like this channel that anyone can tap into and say that express how they feel and I think music is a way we connect with people around us. I think you can say a lot more in a song then you can say in just words and yeah my whole life has a soundtrack track. I’m listening to music in the bar on the way to school on the bus you know I’m taking a shit, and I think if you’re someone who doesn’t like music you just haven’t found the right kind of music.”

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