NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Kyan Palmer

From his 2018 album ‘Burn Mona Lisa’ to his just-released album ‘it’s called branding, sweetie’ and his many features, singer/songwriter Kyan Palmer has a knack for making great music. As mention previously his chemistry with nicopop. is off the charts as the two have created flawless Pop music over the past few years. Kyan shared some exciting news at the end of 2019 and as you see below he’s going full force in 2020. We had a chance to talk to Kyan about his music and what’s ahead. Check it out!


An interview with Kyan Palmer

“Virtual Healing”

Nicopop. and I got in the studio and wrote this crazy verse and a chorus that wasn’t quite developed. So we hit up our girl Rachel West to help co-write and “Virtual Healing” came out of it. After sitting with it for a bit, we had the idea to put a Latinx artist on it and making it something incredible, so I posted on my instagram story about wanting a feature and I got connected with Ryen. He wrote and recorded his verse remotely and it exactly what the song needed!

“Edge Off”

It came about a year or so ago when I met the boys from Syence and we decided to get a session together. I had just come off of a job that I just couldn’t stand and we were chatting about how sometimes the only thing that helps is a drink on the weekend. It really seemed like a concept that a lot of people can relate to!

We have a really strong creative connection that grew and became a strong friendship. I think we have very similar taste and viewpoint on the creative side of the music industry. After working together for such a long time we just know what our expectations are of each other and it makes it easy to create. No bs. Though this album is done and out, we’ll still be working together a ton in the future!

I think about that a lot actually. I like to make so many different types/genres of music that it’s a worry that fans won’t be able to find the common thread or will only like one style. But I want people to understand that I have many different moods and feelings and I don’t just make happy or sad songs. I’m all over the place and its always gonna be like that. But I will always make bops!

I’m not stopping or slowing down. As a writer and creative I’m constantly working on new songs and I want everybody to hear them. I have some really cool collabs coming out at the top of the year and definitely expect my solo project coming your way!

Lately I’ve just been in a phase of supporting the projects my friends have been working on. BabyJakeLoud LuxuryKira KosarinMOONZz, the new Baby Valentine record is dope, and of course Doja Cat

I’d say Fergie. I think it’s obvious that we would make a smash.

Music is who I am and what I do. I think about it constantly, consume it, study it and I’m trying to be the best I can be at it. I’m so happy to have opportunity to share what I love to do and grow a community through it. It’s always gonna be at the center of my being and I’m having fun with it! 

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