NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: HANNI

If there was a definition of a floating single it would be “Wired” by HANNI. We love what the 17 year old Australian singer/songwriter brought in 2019 and there’s more to come in 2020. Check out our interview with HANNI to find out more!


An interview with HANNI


“Wired” my first single was created with a good friend over the course of a month. The song kind of just fell together and was written in two sessions because the situation we were writing about was still fresh. The song is built around being in love with someone that no longer feels the same way in return, and the struggles that come with knowing you need to move on but your heart won’t let you. “Wired” is about overcoming my first love!

I want to make music, not only to get over my struggles and challenges but to help others get though their own. The lyrics to my songs are normally what I want to say to somebody but don’t have the courage to.

In January of 2020 I’ll be in the studio recording a number of my new tracks to release them throughout 2020! To keep updated with upcoming gigs, release dates and anything else exciting, follow me on instagram @musicbyhanni.

My favourite album of 2019 would definitely have to be “Was it even real?” By Olivia O’Brien. I get inspiration from Olivia for her amazing lyrics and production. I also hardcore stream and love anything by Lennon StellablackbearMallratBillie EillishSasha Sloan, Alexander 23, Charlotte Lawrence and Maisie Peters.

My guilty pleasure would have to be listening to my besties new song called “Shut it down” by Georgia Dutton.

Im not currently looking to do collaborations but if it feels right and happens, I guess I’ll just see what 2020 brings!

It’s highly unlucky that this dream would come true in 2020 but my future dreams would be collaborating with Sasha Sloan, Lennon Stella, Olivia O’brien and Paul Klein from LANY. My biggest all-time collaboration would have to be a song that was HANNI X Blackbear collab.

Music means more to me than pretty much anything in the world. Its my happy place from listening to others peoples masterpieces, to jamming with friends and to making my own music in my studio room. Music is something I can rely on to get me though tough times and writing a song is like a release of all my built up emotions that I can’t tell anyone but I seem to be able to make them into songs and share my emotions that way.

My schooling years I was either found in choir or getting in trouble for singing in class too loud and probably not even knowing I was doing it.

A line from my next single that I really like is :

“What am I gonna do
If this nightmares true
I guess I already knew
But I still wanna be with you”

And one of my favourite lines from a new song is “I’ve holding back tears while your throwing back beer” in the song “July” by Noah Cyrus

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