NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: DOUBLECAMP

We first heard of Indie Pop duo DOUBLECAMP with the release of their catchy single “Dreamers” in 2019. The group quickly followed up with the release of their self-titled EP that year. Find out what the duo has in store for 2020 and much more in our interview below!


An interview with DOUBLECAMP


Joe: The idea of “Dreamers” came together relatively quickly. We wrote the song in one night. It was me, Jordan, and our good friend Bryan West. We were wanting to create a song from scratch on the spot and just chase the inspiration of a vibe. 
We started with the flute sounding part that goes in and out of the verses,  combined it with the drum groove, looked at each other and started talking about where the sounds were taking us. We all three agreed it felt like some sort of dream soundtrack. From there we wanted to describe that world and tie it into the idea of falling for someone.


Joe: We have a ton of music we are working on. We teamed up with our good friends at Red Giraffe Studios, (Kelly Fitzgerald, Paul Rogers, and Jimmy Mansfield) to really dial in sounds and create the sonic universe the music lives in. We were just gradually chasing songs that moved us and felt like they showcased the range of artists that inspire us and the type of artist that we want to be. This music is cathartic for me. The songs come out as a diary for things I am going through. We really wanted this EP to be an invite into the world we want to create with our music. 


Joe: I want our music to be a place for people to feel like they can belong, be themselves, and feel good. I go through life, with a million questions, trying to make some sense of why it is the way it is. Our songs are all about just processing those emotions and experiences in your day to day. We want to share those with our fans. I love music that shows me other people have felt how I felt. It brings everyone together.


Joe: We have a lot more music on the way as well as plans to tour. We love playing these songs live and can’t wait to get on the road and play the show.


Joe: We have a playlist on our Spotify with our favorite songs at the moment, called ‘Songs We Vibe To.’ On there are artists and songs that influence us like Jon Bellion (“80’s Films”“Good Things Fall Apart” with Illenium), Still Woozy “Habit”“Goodie Bag”Lauv “Sad Forever”Mac Miller “Self Care”Surfaces “Sunday Best”, and much more.


Joe: We currently have an amazing team that we are working with right now, (Red Giraffe Studio- Jimmy Mansfield, Kelly Fitzgerald, Paul Rogers), (Writing- Bryan West), (Mastering- Adam Grover) and I feel like everyday we are finding new ideas and inspirations to make new songs. As far as other artists go, Jon Bellion is definitely an inspiration.


Joe: Music is my diary, my way to sort through my feelings, and the best way I know how to express myself. It was always something that made me feel like the truest version of myself. Definitely want to thank you all for taking the time to ask us these questions and spread our music.


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