NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Derek Luh

L.A.-based Hip Hop artist Derek Luh caught our attention in 2019 with the smooth new single “Hoodie”. Love the Alternative Hip Hop vibe coming from this artist as seen in other singles such as “Jerry Maguire”. We had a chance to talk to Derek about his music and what to expect in 2020. Be on the look out for video coverage featuring Derek coming soon!


An interview with Derek Luh


I had at the opportunity to work with Dizzy Park, they’re a production writing team. They’re amazing and we got in the studio and it just clicked and hoodie came about. We were just talking about breakups and what gets left behind, the collateral damage, you know sometimes you buy dogs together and then you know so it was just this whole thing and we wanted like simplified and they’re asking that you know what is something that you have with your ex that you recently left or have and they’re just wow that’s perfect. Let’s get it.


My music is just me telling stories by myself. Being vulnerable and then sometimes just having fun…I just make whatever I feel at the time. If I’m feeling like making some smooth stuff, I’m feel like being vulnerable and telling stories I just want fans to know that they can be themselves and that’s what I am you know 100% myself.


We have big plans. I got an EP coming out, music videos coming out, another single coming out, and then the plan after that is just tour the EP.


There’s this one song that I just I love so much. It’s Orange Soda” by Baby Keem. I love that song so much man it’s so like…I don’t he just so smooth he just slides on the beat. I just I love that song.


Pharrell would be a great one obviously as a producer and as an artist. I just feel like everything he makes is incredible man…He’s touches on a variety of genres with everything he’s worked…Ariana Grande, Clipse, Jay-Z.


Music is therapy. Music helps me grow as a person. Music helps me release things when I can’t talk to anybody. Like when I sometimes don’t feel like being a burden to somebody else I just turned to music and write music so it’s a good way to get things off my chest. It’s also a good way to express yourself and have fun so I love music.


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