NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: CLRX

With the release of “So Clean” it’s safe to say newcomer CLRX knows how to make a bop! The liberating debut single is just a teaser of what’s to come as the singer/songwriter readies new music slated for release at the top of the year. Take a look at our interview with CLRX to learn more about the artist, what she’s listening to, and much more!


An interview with CLRX


My debut single “So Clean” came together with the feeling that I was finally ready to step out onto the scene. I’m no stranger to creating art — I’ve been doing it for years. But that’s not to say that there haven’t been some messy times. When “So Clean” came together, I just had this feeling that this was it. That despite the ups and downs, this was the song I wanted to indoctrinate my debut. I want everyone to know exactly who CLRX is.


I want my fans to experience “feeling clean” as in putting their best selves forward. It’s not about being the most beautiful or wealthy or most impressive person in the room — being clean is about doing things for yourself — maybe freshening it up. You are in charge of you, and I hope my fans can throw this song on and feel clean in their own unique way. Maybe I also want people to take away something like “yeah, she did that, and I can do that too,” you know, clean it up, elevate life.


I’ve been keeping busy, doing this and that. I’ve been in the studio nonstop just making a ton of music, I think I’m going to drop another single at the top of the year. I also have some big plans I’m hoping to roll out throughout 2020. Definitely hitting the road 🙂


I love blackbear and Mansionz of course. I think they have some amazing records, especially “Gorgeous.” And Remi Wolf is everything — she doesn’t seem like she gives a hoot about anything and would be really fun to just kick it with — and I really vibe with that.

As for influences, for as long as I can remember I’ve been listening to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. I just think her voice is like water, and even as a kid it just made me want to sing. I obviously have a very different sound than Stevie, but she inspired me to really hone my sound and create my own individual style that’s uniquely me. And as far as guilty pleasures, embarrassingly enough I can’t help but love 80s pop songs. They just speak to me with their loose carefree feel.

I would LOVE to collab with Tim Randolph and Yungblud. I feel like Tim brings his own unique twist to the table, but also really understands artists’ vision, and is the perfect guy to have in the room with you. And Yungblud collabed with blackbear on a track that I can’t stop listening to. I love the emotional component he brings to his music, and I feel like our combined sounds would really mesh.


I love this question, because although I feel like there may be some uniting themes among artists’ answers, no one will give you the exact same response. For me, music is the only thing that always makes sense when everything else might feel impossible to wrap your head around. I’ve been singing and making music ever since I was kid, but it wasn’t really until I grew up a bit that I realized that I wanted to put music out there for people to enjoy and relate to. Honestly, the genesis of my connection to music was born out of a need, not a desire, to express myself. As I’ve grown as a person I’ve come to recognize my need to establish myself as unique and independent, and I feel like music has allowed me to do that. I see a lot of big musicians with certain publicity strategies — be it the extravagant clothing or wild twitter presences or zany makeup — and I think that’s great for them, I respect all artists’ self-expression. But in my eyes, that kind of front can prevent people from seeing who someone really is deep down, and I want people to know the unapologetic me that is behind my music. Music has allowed me to know and love who i really am.

It’s been a big year of learning about myself, my intuition. I have a lot planned for the future. But 2019 has shown me that even if someone has good intentions and believes they are steering you in the right direction, and you feel like wait, that isn’t right? Trust your gut. In the end, you know what’s best for yourself.


Haha shameless plug here, “there’s no one else that got it shining like me”

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