NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Carter Reeves

2019 was a busy year for Carter Reeves. The singer/songwriter behind laid back jams like “Front Porch” and “$65 Candle” released 2 EPs and countless singles. We had a chance to talk to Carter about his busy year to get the inside scoop on the creation of his singles and much more. Check it out!


An interview with Carter Reeves

“Front Porch”

One month became two, which quickly became six. Then I found myself standing on the front porch of a summer fling that ended up being way more lengthy and seriously than initially expected. I wrote this song with just me and a guitar, feeling it out chord by chord, note by note. I couldn’t have been more stoked after writing it. I knew this song was one of the first serious steps I’d made toward a self aware pop, surf rock career. With the help of my friend and collaborator, Justin Lucas – we made the jam that you’re hearing now.

“$65 Candle”

“$65 Candle” was an absolute Frankenstein of a jam. My friend Andrew Luce and I wrote and produced the first half of the song with a completely different chorus. After months of back and forth, writing and rewriting concepts, we stitched together a bunch of different cool vibes to get the final product. It’s a sultry little love jam. One of my favorites!

I’ve finally opened up and realized there is no right or wrong process. I let the songs write themselves over long periods of time, and I experimented with alternative arrangement and things I wouldn’t normally have. Recorded live strings in my apartment for Front Porch, I recorded my 14 year old cousin playing flute on Yellow Soul. We really just tried to have fun, build out each record as much as possible, and push my sonic palette.

My music is, at it’s core, feel good. I want to offer fans a brief moment of relief from whatever it is they’re currently going through. My coastal flavored, feel good jams are meant to be played at the beach, at parties, or just hanging out late night. I want people to associate Carter Reeves with good times.

Way more music and ideally way more shows. I’m between booking agents right now so the majority of my shows will be local LA shows, until Bieber finally wakes up and invites me on tour. I’m currently closing out my next EP, ‘II’ – and will be releasing that early in the year. Way more music, way more visuals, JUST KEEPING THE TRAIN ROLLING!

Been crushing Khruangbin consistently for the past 4 years. Can’t get over them. The new Babe Rainbow album is great, and I’ve also been diving deep into 50’s, 60’s and 70’s country. Some seriously great story telling in those jams. My guilty pleasure would have to be super cornball disco. 

Sheeeesh, that’s tough. There are so many great options. I’ve been dying to get some work in with Skinshape. He’s got some crazy grooves that I think are dying for a little vocal love.

Music is a constant. It’s always there for you. No matter the mood, location, year, etc. It is there. I’ve been listening to the same batch of songs my whole life, and each time I listen to them, depending on where I am in my life, have a different meaning. I like that although a song never changes, your perception of it does. Music is fluid, and set in stone at the same time. It’s wonderful.

“Each of us have superpowers, but we ain’t invincible.” From my song “Superpowers.”. I wrote it when a friend of mine was in a tough place, but didn’t want to open up about it. We are all special in our own ways, but no one is strong enough to stand up alone. We need each other in order to get through things sometimes. I always loved that sentiment.

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