NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Calva Louise

One of the standout bands we came across last year Calva Louise, made an impact on our playlist with their edgy rock single “Sleeper”. The trio had a chance to talk to us about the single, who they are as a band, and what they’re currently listening to in our interview below. Check it out!


An interview with Calva Louise


The idea for “Sleeper” came about when we were thinking “what if we are living our lives as the characters from a movie, or even a video game?” It comes to a point where we begin to feel as if we were being dragged along by a current, like leaves in the wind. With that in mind, new possibilities of perception are just around the corner, and as science fiction has told us since the beginning of the genre, some people might feel like they are actually dreaming their lives. So “Sleeper” talks about dreaming and about the idea of waking up facing virtual rules. It’s also about changing them to see reality from outside the game, for what it really is.


This EP came out of us at a moment when we felt that we had lost a lot of time pleasing people that couldn’t care less about who we are. After many months feeling a little bit like outcasts, kind of realising that we should be able to do what we want, we decided that we should have fun and ride our own wave.

Well, we mainly perform our own story to keep ourselves afloat. It does feel amazing when we meet people that connect with our music. We have built so many friendships because of this, finding people that understand you and who you understand as well.

The most important thing for us is to try to give to our fans the most authentic music that comes from us. As many things are changing in our lives, there are some stylistic changes. Our next EP might be very different from our previous songs but our heart is in it. These days we are mixing our new songs and we’re also preparing our next music video to be released asap!!

There are some new songs that are showing us that many things are changing around us, but out of everything we are hearing, Strange Bones’ new single, “Napalm Uber Allies” is definitely our favourite.

There are so many great bands we’d love to collaborate with, but it’s not easy to merge all efforts to create something special. We are actually doing some kind of collaborative projects, like the Strange Bones Remix of “Belicoso” from our previous EP!

Our music helps us to realise that it’s our audience who guides us and keeps us going on. Our heart is with them, so we try to give them more and more to keep this positive connection active and to grow as fast and as high as we can!

We always loved this line from “Go With the Flow” by Queens Of The Stone Age: “I want something good to die for, to make it beautiful to live”.

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