NXTSTYLE’s 2020 New Music Guide: Andria Piperni

Montreal-based singer/songwriter Andria Piperni has been a favorite ours since her 2018 single “Say Something”. We love her gentle, soulful brand of music she’s built as an artist as further seen in her most recent singles “Without You” and “Yours”. Be on the look out as more music is on the way for Andria in 2020. Read more in our interview below.


An interview with Andria Piperni

“Without You”

“Without You” is about accepting that someone who was important to you is no longer in your life. That can mean different things to different people – a heartbreak, a loss, a friendship fallout. In any case, there are a lot of different emotions involved and I wanted to take listeners through that journey. I’ve received so many messages from people who really connect with this song; I think it’s just one of those experiences that everyone goes through in some shape or form, myself included.


I actually wrote “Yours” a few years ago, before I began releasing music. I sat down at my piano and the melody and lyrics just started to flow out. A couple years later I started playing it live at shows and people really responded to it, so I decided to finally record it properly and release it. That’s why the production has a live band feel to it; that’s how it came to life.

I want people to see themselves in my music. I think what makes music so incredible is that people from all different backgrounds and walks of life can relate to the same fundamental human emotions and experiences. I want my music to make listeners feel connected and understood and empowered. 

More new music and live shows!

Two female artists I’ve absolutely fallen in love with are Eloise and Ashe. They are beautiful songwriters and really stand out from anything else I’ve heard recently. I highly suggest everyone check them out!

I would really love to collaborate with Bruno Major. He’s an extremely talented musician, songwriter, singer, and producer from the UK. I discovered him early on and his work just captivated me. He’s a big influence. 

I was always drawn to music. There are so many home videos of me as a kid singing and dancing around the house. I also grew up listening to my dad play the piano. I think for me it’s always just been a form of self expression that I couldn’t deny.

“when you’re dreaming with a broken heart, the waking up is the hardest part” – John Mayer. I’ve never heard a truer line. It just hits right in the gut!

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