REVIEW: Illicit Ghost “Money”

As you know we’re BIG fans of Brooklyn-based Illicit Ghost’s first single “Drunk And Alone.” It’s one of those songs where the lyrics really comes to life and blend naturally with her breathy vocals and the song’s eclectic production. It takes a true musician to have the ability to make that all work.

Eager to hear more from this artist we checked out her first ever show happening at Coney Island Baby in NYC where she gave the crowd a taste of her future releases as she commanded the stage with confidence like she was living it up in her own world, and truth be told she was. “I felt like I was totally free. I don’t think I’ve ever been so “in the moment” in my entire life. It was pretty incredible to play these songs live and to connect with people afterwards who enjoyed the performance and music.”


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So here we are as Illicit Ghost builds off the momentum of her first single and debut show with a fierce, solely-produced cover of Pink Floyd’s bluesy 1973 single “Money.” Hard to call it a cover when it sounds like anything but one. Whenever I watch singing competitions I always feel like the ones that will go far not only in the competition but in their careers are the ones who make a cover sound unique and to their own. It shows how confident they are in their craft and their ability as an artist and that’s what Illicit Ghost has clearly shown with this new release. A version completely flipped with edgy, multilayered production driven by her signature, climatic violin-infused sound she shows off a gutsy swagger that makes you think she’s been doing this for years yet she’s just getting started.

Check out “Money” available on all major streaming services and NXTSTYLE 100!