PREMEIRE: Jake Vicious x Jen Miller “God’s Gift”

D.C.-based producer Jake Vicious continues to show his versatility with his latest release “God’s Gift.” The producer talks about the acoustic-driven Pop single stating “it’s a record I started a few years ago. It was my first trip to L.A. for the Grammys and I had met a girl who I was convinced was either about to be the best thing to ever happen to me, or A TRAP (admiral Akbar voice).”

The radio-ready single features singer/songwriter Jen Miller. The duo has shown to have amazing chemistry together creating singles that rank high on our list like “My Type” and “One Ride” with this latest release joining the party. About the collaboration, “Fast forward to this year, Jen Miller is one of my favorite artists to collaborate with in the studio, and when I showed her the song, she gave it the emotion and performance it truly needed. We’ve all been there, but Jen makes you FEEL it.”

We couldn’t agree more! Stream “God’s Gift” on Spotify and check out our interviews with both Jake Vicious and Jen Miller to learn more.

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