PREMIERE: As Was “737 Mental”

We loved his single “La Familiar 32oz” and now L.A.-based Indie Pop artist As Was offers more greatness with the eclectic “737 Mental.” The single as seen through the Patrick Golan-directed music video takes you on a journey guided by a melting pot of sounds that touch different genres, tempos, and vocals including a climatic transition from falsetto to Rap.

Catching up with As Was, he explains “the single is a personal four-minute peek into my mind. As one turns into an adult, certain fears can set up camp within a person and, as you get older sometimes become harder to deal with. The numbers “737” are a direct reference to a 737 Boeing aircraft and to my fear of flying.”

“737 Mental” is currently available on all major streaming services and will be included on his upcoming album Good Mood scheduled for release June 1st.

Stream the single on major streaming services via NXTSTYLE 100 and be sure to follow As Was on TwitterInstagram, and SoundCloud!