REVIEW: Jacquie “California Dreaming”

If you’ve ever seen Jacquie perform you know one thing, she leaves all her emotions out on stage. On her latest single, the edgy power ballad “California Dreaming”, Jacquie follows suit as she tackles the many struggles of being a young singer/songwriter in Hollywood.

The 20-year old singer explains, “CA dreamin is inspired by loneliness and the city of LA. When I moved I’d never lived on my own before and I had also just split with my boyfriend of a couple years. I wasn’t really sure who I was on my own. One thing that I would turn to when I felt anxious or depressed was roaming around the city and people watching. It gave me mixed emotions – the two most common were sadness and motivation. The darker side of what I saw scared the shit out of me (still does). In an attempt to stop suppressing everything I was feeling, I sat down and wrote the song with a producer I had been wanting to work with, Stint (Gallant, Banks, Santigold). Ultimately what I took from it all was that nothing in life is perfect. There will always be unavoidable highs and lows, but if you have a passion and a dream don’t let any of the bullshit get in your way. Feel all of your feelings and do what you love doing, otherwise what’s the point? Fear won’t dictate the little time I have on this planet anymore.”

It’s refreshing to see an artist feel so connected to their lyrics. It’s as if you’re witnessing a piece of her story as it’s happening all within a 3+ minute span. The frustration of “when will it all seem right?.” If this single is any indication, it will pretty soon.

Look out for Jacquie’s debut album scheduled for release late this Fall.

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