REVIEW: Saint PHNX “Magic”

Once again Saint PHNX release magic literally with their new single “Magic”. These guys have been on my radar since last year when they released “King”. I’m really impressed with their lyrics and how they bring them to life with a catchy and mature mainstream Pop/Rock sound.

“Magic” stays true to the band’s previous singles as it delivers a deep message. The brothers wrote on Facebook, “We wrote the song reflecting about a period of time that we felt there was no hope but came out of it and hit something magical, something that felt like it could help us out of that place.”

These guys are one of my favorites and I can’t wait until they push their marketing efforts in the U.S. as I think mainstream radio and late night talk shows will catch on quick. If you’re lucky enough to live in the UK and France you can catch the guys on tour through October 5th.

Purchase “Magic” on iTunes via MAAS Music.

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