LISTEN: Jen Miller “My Type”

It’s got our vote as the next Apple commercial feature. “My Type” by D.C.-based singer/songwriter Jen Miller is something of its’ own kind. Credit Jen and producer Jake Vicious for their innovative approach. Who would think a synth-heavy track with elements of Soul, R&B, and Funk would ever work? Not only does it work, it has an interesting way of pulling you in.

Jen explains the message of this song, ““My Type” was written by me… about the powerful intersection of religion, human sexuality, and how they collide in human society at so many levels. I’ve got a lot of friends — and I myself — who have had to question if our existence is right. If our love is right. And now, finally, I am comfortable to say that it doesn’t matter to me either way. Let’s celebrate it.”

Kudos to Jen and Jake for raising the bar on this one.

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Get a behind the scenes look of the making of “My Type”