whyd Looks To Simplify Your Web Music Experience

With the rising popularity of SoundCloud, there is no solid preference for which website a musician chooses to upload their music to. A big share of music can be found on YouTube, which leaves music lovers switching back and forth between both sites. That may lessen the listening experience for some which is the reason whyd has created a platform for listeners to add songs from YouTube, SoundCloud, Vimeo and other portals onto one playlist played within a full width music player on whyd.com. You can also subscribe to other users playlists to discover more music. In whyd’s terms it has created the simplest way to keep, play, and share your favorite tracks on the web.

It’s pretty easy to use and best of all for bloggers you can embed your playlist into your website. Check out below as I created a playlist of music posted on our sister site Underground Playlist.- SC8XVI