Vita Chambers “Young Money”

Barbados, that little island south of Puerto Rico was virtually unknown by the music world before 2003. That was until Rihanna hit the scene captivating the music world with hit after hit. Within time Shontelle followed with her hit “T-shirt”, but now music is about to get hit with another bajan superstar named Vita Chambers.

Born in Canada and raised in Barbados, 15-year old Vita Chambers is in the midst of a music takeover in the U.S. With the power of You Tube, Vita uploaded a video and 3 audio streams of songs she co-wrote and recorded in hopes of catching her big break. In a mater of time SRP Records the same label that signed Rihanna came calling. SRP Records introduced Vita to Universal Motown’s Sylvia Rhone who quickly signed the teen to a major record deal.

Inspired by the likes of Andrea Bocelli, Robert Plant, Freddie Mercury, Tina Turner, Coldplay among others, Vita has turned to pop music as her signature sound. Just released single “Young Money” is a feel good pop anthem sure to catch radio by storm. “Young Money” screams independence, buying all good things in life which is what this 15-year old may be capable of doing with the potential of a track like this. Look for her album coming in 2010.

Check out the video for “Young Money” below: