Help Victims Of The Recent California Wildfires

It’s been an unfortunate couple of weeks for residents in Southern California. Wildfires that have consistently made a presence in the state due to hot temperatures have now spread to more populated areas as high winds have picked up. This has left over 200,000 people evacuated from their homes with over a hundred thousand acres of land damaged.

For those who want to help victims here are some ways you can contribute:

On Global Giving, Jake’s Diapers, Inc. established a campaign that has raised over $57,000 and counting. Proceeds will go toward providing women and children affected by the California wildfires with diapers and basic hygiene products. Details >>

United Way of Greater Los Angeles is accepting donations that will go toward rebuilding and recovery efforts for victims affected by the fires, including United Way of Ventura County and United Way of San Diego. You can donate by going to their website or texting “UWVC” to 41444. Details >>

The Humane Society of Ventura County has raised over $100,000 to keep the HSVC Shelter in Ventura County open as they provide care for displaced animals. 100% of the contributions will be used immediately. Details >>

The American Red Cross of Ventura County is accepting donations as they continuously provide food and shelter for victims. Other efforts include bringing in additional resources such as cots, blankets, and emergency supplies as well as moving volunteers. Details >>

On YouCaring you’ll find campaigns set up to help individual families who have dealt with significant loss from the wildfires. There are some very heartbreaking stories and any contribution will make a difference to these families! Details >>