REVIEW: Macy Todd “In Like With You”

With her third official single, Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Macy Todd shows how versatile an artist she is with the laid back single “In Like With You”. Keeping with a modernized Jazz sound, Macy integrates melodic R&B/Soul elements and confident vocals that could make this single fit seamlessly into a playlist of Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu classics.

When you see a song timed at 6 minutes you question if you’ll make it through to the end but sure enough once this track stops you find yourself asking for more. That’s basically what you get with a can’t miss artist like Macy Todd.

You can purchase and stream “In Like With You” on all major music services including iTunes.

Learn what “In Like With You” is about from Macy herself.

The story behind “In Like With You”

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