Deals: Discovery Your Family History With AncestryDNA

Ever wonder where your ancestors came from? AncestryDNA has your answers. Their DNA test kits offer a quick and easy way to discover your family’s story. You can also have your DNA results analyzed by websites such as Promethease to discover potential health risks you may have.

I’ve used 23andme and found the information to be really interesting. I always knew where my recent ancestors came from but services like these trace back hundreds of years so you end up discovering things about your genealogy that you never knew. As 23andme is great from a health perspective, it doesn’t go as deep into your geneology as AncestryDNA which is why I’m considering purchasing their test kit in the near future.

Right now AncestryDNA has a great deal going on where you get $20 off the regular price. This will likely be the best deal available until the holiday season rolls around. During Black Friday last year they offered 30% off of their $99 test kits. I’d say the upside to purchasing now is that you’ll likely get your results back quicker (in a month or less) compared to purchasing during the holiday season when the demand for test results will be high as people take advantage of the deeper discount and also purchase test kits as gifts for others. If you’re eager to find out about your ancestry, act fast as this deal ends August 31st. Use Ebates and get an even greater bargain (7.5% cash back as of 8/22).

Take a look at this video to find out which DNA test service is right for you. We’ll post the next 23andme special when it comes around. If you have questions about 23andme specifically, send me a tweet and I’ll gladly share my experience of using the service and help out with any questions.