Kickstarter Begins ‘Projects Of Earth’ Initiative

Drawing inspiration from the Voyager Golden Record, Kickstarter has launched an initiative to “help create a collective portrait of our world today”. The Voyager Golden Record is a collection of sounds and images currently traveling in deep space on both Voyager spacecrafts with intention of helping extraterrestrial beings understand about our culture on Earth, if found.

So what do you need to do to be part of the initiative? Come up with an idea that offers a “unique perspectives on humanity, culture, and life on Earth”. Once the idea is put together, you simply email between August 20-September 5. Your submission will then be posted to with select projects featured in their editorial section and social media channels. We’ll also pick our favorites and post them to our site.

This is a fun initiative that Kickstarter came up with where ANYONE can get involved. Unlike Kickstarter projects, you don’t need to spend a whole ton of time developing and creating. The name of the game is offering something unique that represents us on Earth. Whether it’s your own piece of music, a video about your life or surroundings, a letter, or painting. The possibilities are endless.

Need help? Check out these ideas Kickstarter provided.

Good luck!