Review: Dr. Black’s Brain Bars

After losing his mother to Alzheimer’s Disease internationally renowned neurosurgeon and brain health researcher Dr. Keith Black committed his time to creating a product called Dr. Black’s Brain Bar. The product was created as way to provide individuals with a blend of nutrients aimed to maintain and improve brain health. The formulations of these brain bars are based on his current research and findings discovered at the University of Southern California and developed in collaboration with UCLA and Salk Institute.

Dr. Black’s Brain Bars blends are based on four main ingredients:

[accordion title=”Longvida Optimized Curcumin” close=”1″]an antioxidant compound that has the ability to enter the bloodstream in high concentration.[/accordion]

[accordion close=”1″ title=”DHA (Omega-3)”]known to be the only fatty acid to decrease risk of mental decline associated with aging.[/accordion]

[accordion close=”1″ title=”Fisetin”]a flavanoid found in plants like strawberries that effectively combats anti-aging cognitive decline.[/accordion]

[accordion close=”1″ title=”Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract”]contains a high level of antioxidants that can enhance the effects of vitamins and minerals to protect the cells from harmful bacteria and toxic chemicals.[/accordion]

Now that we broke down the ingredients lets put it to the test. Dr. Black’s Brain Bar comes in two flavors Chocolatey Caramel and Dark Chocolately Nut, both containing the same blend.

First up is Chocolatey Caramel. Once you open the packaging the bar has a strong yet pleasant caramel aroma. The bar is very easy to chew and has bits of ingredients (likely coconuts) that are prevalent when chewing. The overall taste of this bar is good and more in line with supplement bars than commercial snack bars.


The second flavor is the Dark Chocolately Nut. This bar has a thicker texture and less of an aroma compared to Chocolatey Caramel. You get a good taste of the dark chocolate and variety of nuts (Peanut, Coconut, Almond). If your looking for something that has plenty of nutrients but taste more like a Quaker Oats granola bars then this is for you.

I liked both flavors in its own way but if I had to choose between the two I’d probably pick the Chocolatey Caramel because it has a unique taste and you feel like you are eating something that is aimed to make you healthier.

When it comes to effectiveness, I did not feel any particular effects because this review is only based on the two samples I received. I can say that this bar is high in nutrients specific to brain health so long-term effects are likely to be better than not.

Overall, based on the taste, concept, and genuine commitment to improving one’s health – we approve!

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