Beats Music Coming Soon

Back in 2012 Beats Electronic bought music-streaming service MOG. Just like with their line of headphones, the company have looked to music professionals like Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor to contribute knowledge to the project. Fast forward to this week as the company announced that their music-streaming service Beats Music will be launching Tuesday January 21st. Instead of competing for the most songs in their database, at only $9.99 a month the new streaming service seeks to make their mark on curation.

Each music service out there seems to focus on quantity than quality of the user experience. It’s great to have a whole bunch of songs to listen to but sometimes it becomes monotonous. Hopefully this service stands by their commitment to allowing users to customize their experience to the music they like and genuinely allow the ability to discover new music an easier way. Be sure to reserve your username here and look for the launch on Tuesday!