Justin Bieber Invites You To Spotify

Check this out…Spotify has apparently given teen heartthrob Justin Bieber a bunch of invites to their service to distribute to his fans.

Spotify, the new music streaming service offers a free plan that allows you to stream millions of songs from the four major labels and independent labels as well for FREE but includes ads. There is a $4.99/mo. “Premium” plan that includes the same amount of songs without the ads. Their “Unlimited” plan for $9.99/mo. gives you access to an extended catalog of songs with the ability to play them on your smartphone.

I received my invitation yesterday and tried it out. There is only 1 word to describe the service..AWESOME. Its so awesome you kind of feel guilty in a way. I just hope the artist, producers, and songwriters are getting compensated fairly. None-the-less Spotify seems to be the new trend in music that may completely change the industry.

To get your invitation from just head to http://www.spotify.com/us/justin-bieber/