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Magdalena Bay

One of several dynamic duos on our list, L.A.-based Magdalena Bay came through with pop perfection on their 2019 single “Killshot”. Can’t get enough of the song and we’re excited for what’s to come in 2020. Read more below for info on new releases, upcoming shows, and more!

An interview with Magdalena Bay

How did ``Killshot`` come together?

We were still living in different cities when we made it. Matt made the beat and I (Mica) loved the synthy 2000’s vibe, so I wanted to make a super pop Britney Spears type melody for it. We kind of forgot about the song for a LONG time and pulled up the demo months later and were like oh yeah! This is good!

What inspired the creation of the ‘Oh Hell’ EP?

It’s actually a collection of singles that we’re adding to, not quite an EP. All of these songs will form part of an EP eventually! We worked only with each other on these, a lot of these songs were actually written a long long time ago, before we started collaborating with other writers and artists. But I think all of the songs embody us coming into our own as Magdalena Bay (as writers, visual artists, singers, etc).

What do you want fans to take from your music and who you are as an artist?

We want to make music that envelops people in a vibe and feeds their imagination. Whether it’s dreamy synths or an upbeat, poppier song I think that’s what we try to do with all our music. 

What can fans expect from you in 2020?

We’ve got a lot coming! Gonna keep putting out singles and videos, and we’ve got some cool shows too. We’re playing in Brooklyn January 15 and are trying to plan something in Europe…

What new songs from other artists are you loving right now?

Ok this isn’t new but it’s new to us- we watched Uncut Gems and have been obsessed with Gigi D’agostino’s song “L’amour Toujours“, which plays during the credits. Never knew about this huge Italian DJ from the 2000’s! Other than that we’ve been listening to the Hannah Diamond and Caroline Polachek albums that came out this year.

What artist or producer would you most love to collaborate with in 2020?

Hmmmm there’s so many people we wanna collab with, would definitely be sick to collab with some of our favorite artists like Carly Rae or Toro y Moi!

What does music mean to you?

Music is everything! It’s an art and a craft we try to improve at every day. We’ve been so busy with all our releases and are dying to start writing again. It’s what keeps us sane!

A favorite line in a song that you really connect with:

I (Mica) have been in love with No Doubt’s “Simple Kind Of Life” lyrics recently. The song’s such a straightforward and vulnerable take on life as an artist vs. the more traditional path of being a wife/mother and I haven’t really heard a lot of songs that tackle those things!!


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