Mercury Retrograde August/September 2017

Have you noticed your stress rising lately? Are you coming across increasing issues at work and home? You may be experiencing the effects of the Mercury Retrograde. From around August 12th-September 5th the planet will go through its retrograde phase where all things that Mercury rules such as negotiating, selling, buying, and traveling, can go haywire as the planet “sleeps”.

Most astrologers suggest that it’s best to avoid things such as starting new projects, signing contracts, and going on vacation, but we all have to live! I’ve been aware of the retrograde pattern for a pretty long time now and every time one comes around I tend to dread it, until recently. How do we move forward when we’re told not to do so many things? I believe the best thing to do is be aware that this is a time where your perception may be off and tension may rise because of it. If you find yourself starting to get into a fight with someone over something stupid, be aware. If the printer or fax is not working, be aware. Try to work your way around the situation instead of working through it.

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