Interview: Greyson Chance Talks HOTTN, Demi Lovato & More

Just 18 months ago he was that kid playing “Paparazzi” at his middle school concert. Now he is that kid playing in front thousands at packed venues. How far Greyson Chance has come is pretty incredible as he has taken one of the unlikeliest routes to stardom. With the help of Ellen Degeneres who discovered him on Youtube and signed him to her own label, Greyson has been able to live out a life long dream. We’ve talked to the teen sensation twice back in our ::we live FM:: days and now he was kind enough to grant us another interview following his debut release of ‘Hold On Til The Night’. Check it out!

UVN: Since we last talked to you, you were on the Dancing Crazy tour with Miranda Cosgrove. Did you learn anything about yourself on tour that had any influence on your new album?

GC: You know, I learned so much from that tour. That was my first time ever on stage and performing for an audience. I learned so much from her and I discovered my love for touring!

UVN: Your debut album ‘Hold On Til The Night’ was released on Aug. 2nd. We know you have a few rituals. Did you do anything superstitious or start some sort of tradition leading up to midnight of your album release?

GC: I didn’t really do any rituals; I just tried to stay away from stress and worries & keep myself relaxed before the release.

UVN: At what point did you know the album was finished? Did you have a certain amount of songs you set to record or was it a certain song that you felt made the album complete?

GC: I could’ve released the album a year ago if I wanted…but it had to be perfect. I made sure every song was perfect and that all the artwork and creativity felt very fresh and organic. Wanted to make sure it was perfect for my fans!

UVN: Will you be releasing a 3rd single and if so can you give us a clue to what it will be and when we can expect it?

GC: I will be releasing a 3rd single and more after that one. But no, you are not getting a hint of what it is! (:

UVN: We’ve seen you go from a YouTube sensation to a teen sensation selling out shows. The fans really love you. What is the craziest thing a fan has done to catch your attention?

GC: You know so many fans have done so many crazy things. But I appreciate when a fan comes to me and just treats me like a normal person and talks to me. That really warms my heart when they do that. But don’t get me wrong; I like the really CRAZY fans too!

UVN: You spent a lot of 2011 on tour but can we expect Greyson Chance on tour again soon? If so what is that one city in the U.S. or globally you’re dreaming to perform for that you haven’t yet?

GC: We will be doing a headline tour very soon. I have already been working on creative plans for it. But for now, we will be going out on the road with different bands and artists!

UVN: We know the Beatles and Lady Gaga are a big influence on you. What are a few songs currently out now that have really caught your attention?

GC: Well I love “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato. She has made such a big comeback. I don’t know her personally but I am just naturally so proud of her. And what an amazing voice she has!

UVN: We just recently saw you make you acting debut on ‘Raising Hope’. What was that experience like and do you see yourself taking on acting roles a lot more in the future?

GC: It was so much fun to be on Raising Hope! The cast was so welcoming and supportive. It was my first acting gig so I was a bit nervous, but after I was on set for a minute I lost all those worries. There will for sure be a couple more appearances in the future.

UVN: Being only 14 and having a successful album and being able to tour around the U.S. you have already completed a lot. At what point will you be able to say you made it and be fully content with it?

GC: I will never be able to say I have made it. I think the day I say that is the day I stop being a musician. I think it is good to keep on making goals and reaching them! Whether I am playing the Staples Center or the House of Blues I will always be doing it, forever.

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Written By: S.C.